Nebraska currently has no state wide incentive, however LB863 was passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor to allow communities to use existing development funds to incentivize film, TV, and commercial production.  This makes Nebraska the only state with LOCAL film incentives.  This provides production companies with the chance to get on the ground floor of incentives in a state as we continue to work for incentives at the state level.  We have the support from our legislators and the lobbying apparatus built.  The only thing we need are for productions to take advantage of the existing incentives to prove the viability of the industry and incentive programs in the state. 


Currently, Fremont is the only community to codify its use of development funds into a formal incentive program.  It is a sliding scale incentive that tops out at 20%.  This covers all approved Above-The-Line and Below-The-Line spending.  The text is available here:



However, we are currently working with several other communities in Eastern Nebraska to follow Fremont's lead in making the transition from an interest in helping to create a film and TV industry to actually codifying it.  We are currently working with Nebraska City, Bellevue, Blair and others. 


In addition to the incentive, the value of in-kind services in Nebraska can't be overstated.  Nebraskans are a notoriously generous and friendly people who treat total strangers like lifelong neighbors.  It's estimated that during the filming of Alexander Payne's Nebraska, Ad Hominum Productions received over $1 million worth of in-kind services -- a huge savings for a $12 million production. 


Please CONTACT US if you have an interest in shooting in one of these communities.  It is our mission to walk you through the process and do everything in our power to get your project approved.