The effort to pass incentives in Nebraska has started and continued at the grassroots.  So we need your help! 


The Eastern Nebraska Film Office is always looking for individuals with a variety of talents to help grow our mission of achieving incentives at both the state and local levels.  Please, contact us if you'd like to help. 



Nebraska is also home to several organizations dedicated to lobbying the legislature on our behalf and promoting dialogue and collaboration between local filmmakers:






The NFA was created to lobby the legislature to pass film incentives.  Since it's inception, the NFA has helped see two film incentive bills pass to establish the local incentives and remove the burdensome and complicated tax on production vehicles.  They continue to work towards their goal of passing statewide incentives to lure big budget production to the state.  They boast over 1000 members and supporters.  To become a member or attend one of their networking and informational meetings, please visit:





This Lincoln-based organization works to promote information sharing and collaboration between local independent filmmakers to see their vision realized.





The NCC is an LA based organization designed to help Nebraskans make the transition to Hollywood and help them find work in the industry through networking and informational sessions.  They meet every first Monday of the month at the Culver Hotel in Culver City (named after fellow Nebraska and Hollywood pioneer, Harry Culver). 


The group also provides us with a unique process to track the success of Nebraskans in the film industry.  You've heard of the Midwestern work ethic, and we work harder than anybody in the Midwest.  The 1000 members of the NCC are producers, directors, writers, actors, cinematographers, and top flight crew members who would love nothing more than an opportunity to ply their crafts in their home state.  Many of these members are listed on our Crew List and available to return to Nebraska and work as locals. 


Please visit the NCC's website for more information: